Ocean Atmospheric Structures


Lead: Bernard Molin


Centrale Marseille
Technopôle de Château-Gombert
38, rue Frédéric Joliot Curie
13451 Marseille Cedex 20
Tel.: 04 91 05 46 41

Breaking waves video

Elastic barge

Case 901
163, avenue de luminy
13288 Marseille Cedex 09
Tel. 04 91 82 80 00 - fax. 04 91 41 96 20


  • Wind-generated and amplified waves

Barge and tank subject to the swell

  • Wave interactions - waves
  • Wave interactions - ocean currents
  • Flux relationship - ocean states
  • Breaking waves and associated phenomenon
  • Remote sensing of wind and waves by high frequency radar
  • Fluid/structure interactions
  • Coupling with sloshing in the tanks
  • Anchor hold in shallow water
  • Non-linear wave-structure interactions and “run-up” phenomena
  • Viscous fluid lacking a free surface
  • Hydrodynamic impact
  • Hydroelastic behavior of structures

Wash Tank

  • Wave interactions - seabed

Hydroelastic Impact

  • Wave breaking on the coast
  • Taking into account a time-varying floor
  • Long wave generation

3.    List of Publications and Work: Click here

UNDER 5 years[EW1] 

  • B. Molin L. Tao, Y.-M. Scolan & K. Thiagarajan "Spacing effects on hydrodynamics of heave plates on offshore structures" J. Fluids & Structures, 23, 1119-1136, 2007
  • M. Hamidou, B. Molin, M. Kadri, O. Kimmoun & A. Tahakourt "A coupling method between extended Boussinesq equations and the integral equation method with application to a two-dimensional numerical wave-tank', Ocean Engineering, 36, 1377-1385, 2009
  • B. Molin, O. Kimmoun, Y. Liu, F. Remy & H.B. Bingham "Experimental and numerical study of the wave runup along a vertical plate", J. Fluids Mech., 654, 363-386, 2010
  • B. Molin "Hydrodynamics Modeling of perforated structures", Applied Ocean Research, 33, 1-11, 2011
  • Y. Liu, B. Molin, O. Kimmoun, F. Remy, M.-C. Rouault "Experimental and numerical study of the effect of variable bathymetry on the slow-drift wave response of floating bodies.", Applied Ocean Research, 33, 199-207, 2011


5.    Thesis, Internship, and Post-Doc Proposals

6.    EQUIPMENT: some photos of our equipment and experiments

New Beach at 1/30 for HEXECO Project


  • Large wind tunnel - water simulation of oceanic interactions - atmosphere (40 m x 3 m x 1.5 [EW3] water depth)
  • 18 m wave canal (0.65 [EW4] wide and 1.5 m tall). This canal is made of glass and can be raised to allow for viewing from underneath.
  • The GIS-HYDRO hydrologic modeling tool (ECM IRPHE ISITV) is a part of a grant from the Var Department to conduct experimental research in the BGO-First ocean engineering basin and is located in Seyne sur Mer, France.

Measurement Tools:

  • Laser and hot wire velocimetry
  • Hot-film velocimetry in water
  • Wave probes
  • High frequency radar
  • 2D and 3D visualization systems
  • Effort sensors
  • Pressure meter
  • PIV and continuous laser system

7.    STAFF

Permanent Staff: