Manuel Velarde

Séminaire irrégulier
Instituto Pluridisciplinar, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Espagne

We study the time evolution of two correlated electrons of opposite spin in an anharmonic lattice chain. The electrons are described quan-tum mechanically by the Hubbard model while the lattice is treated classically. The lattice units are coupled via Morse-Toda potentials. Interaction between the lattice and the electrons arises due to the dependence of the electron transfer matrix element on the distance between neighboring lattice units. Localized configurations comprising a paired electron and a pair of lattice deformation solitons are constructed such that an associated energy functional is minimized. We investigate long-lived, stable pairing features. It is demonstrated that traveling pairs of lattice solitons serve as carriers for the paired electrons realizing coherent transport of the two correlated electrons. We also observe dynamical narrowing of the states, that is starting from an initial double-peak profile of the electron probability distribution a single-peak profile is adopted going along with enhancement of localization of the paired electrons. Interestingly a parameter regime is identified for which supersonic transport of paired electrons is achieved.