Marc Brachet

Séminaire irrégulier
LPS, ENS, Paris

The dynamics of the truncated Euler equations with helical initial conditions are studied. Transient energy and helicity cascades leading to Kraichnan helical absolute equilibrium at small scales are obtained for the first time. The results of [Cichowlas et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 264502 (2005)] are extended to helical flows. Similarities between the turbulent transient evolution of the ideal (time-reversible) system and viscous helical flows are found. The observed differences in the behavior of truncated Euler and (constant viscosity) Navier-Stokes are qualitatively understood using the concept of eddy viscosity. The large scales of truncated Euler equations are then shown to follow quantitatively an effective Navier-Stokes dynamics based on a variable (scale dependent) eddy viscosity.