Turbulence and Astrophysics

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  Astrophysical fluid dynamics studies have been largely developed over the last decades, because of the improvement of both experimental observational techniques and numerical simulations. Turbulent conditions are encountered in most of the astrophysical and cosmological situations. In some cases, close link with the standard Kolmogorov-type phenomonelogy can be displayed but, in many cases, other forces (such as magnetism or gravitation) become dominant so that specific new theoretical ideas or numerical techniques must be worked out. In particular, in the pressureless dust-like interstellar medium, the turbulence is nearly infinitely compressible, and is thus governed by Burgers equation, but gravitation has to be taken into account at the very large scales. On the other hand, inside stars, thermal buoyancy effects are dominant in the convective zone while the interaction with magnetic fields and their generation is important near the surface, in particular to explain the heating of the corona or the generation of stellar winds. It is thus very difficult to handle simultaneously all of these situations and different models have to be used in each of these.

  Turbulent situations are encountered in astrophysics and cosmology in various problems such as the formation of the large scale structures of the universe, of the stars or the planets, and specific strategies (or models) have been developed for these applications. Turbulence is also very important in the functioning of stars which are very complicated "thermal machines", for which the strong coupling with magnetic effects is essential. The interplay between turbulence and gravitation is also essential to explain the specific anisotropic shapes of protoplanetary discs, galaxies or the largest structures of the universe.

  The standard Kolmogorov-type phenomenology must be revised to account for magnetic, convective or supersonic effects on the interstellar matter properties, specific sets of equations or approximations must be used to account for the presence of specific body forces, whilst similarities and differences exist between statistical velocity properties obtained in classical wind tunnel experiments and those of, for instance, the solar wind or the extra-galactic flows of dust and gases. As a consequence, numerical simulations are, in many cases, the only "measurements" that can be made.

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Livres / Books           (Liste au format .pdf / list as a .pdf file)

Compte-rendu à télécharger d'un atelier de travail sur Astrophysique et Turbulence / Download workshop proceedings on Astrophysics and Turbulence

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