After completing my undergraduate education in Grenoble, I graduated as an engineer from the Ecole Supérieure d Hydraulique in Grenoble. I then prepared a Ph D at the Institut de Mécanique de Grenoble under E.J. Hopfinger's supervision. The subject dealt with statistical properties of small scale turbulence and deviations from the theoretical predictions of Kolmogorov (1941). The experiments I conducted were rather successful since reliable estimates were obtained for velocity structure functions up to order 12. In 1984, I was a post-doc fellow at the University of Newcastle with R.A. Antonia where I addressed other aspects of small scale turbulence, e.g. the departure from isotropy of various turbulent flows. In 1986, I started working as a CNRS Chargé de Recherche at the Institut de Mécanique Statistique de la Turbulence (IMST - now IRPHE) in Marseille. In 1995, I visited Japan and investigated on possibilities to develop collaborations between IRPHE and Japanase Universities or Industrial Research Insitutes (the detailed report in French is available here).

In the last 15 years, I have conducted at IRPHE (formerly IMST) experimental investigations of various turbulent flows :

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