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Professor at Ecole Centrale Marseille - ECM

In charge of the 2nd-year (2nd semester, M1 level, taught in English) program on :

A new Master at Centrale Marseille
:   Complex Systems Engineering
(taught in English),     contact :    Olivier Boiron
with two options :  

Formerly Directeur de Recherche au CNRS

Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre - IRPHE 

Adresse / Address :

49, Rue F. Joliot-Curie - B.P. 146 - 13384 Marseille Cedex 13 - FRANCE

Phone: (33) ; Fax: (33)

E-mail : anselmet@irphe.univ-mrs.fr

Member of the IRPHE Turbulence Team 

Plumey Prize awarded by the French Academy of  Science in 2001 

CNRS Bronze Medal awarded in 1993 

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Co-author of a book in Spanish, Acústica, Aeroacústica y Vibraciones, by F. Anselmet and P.-O. Mattei, published by ISTE Editions in 2021, ISBN 978-1-80028-032-8 (print) / ISBN 978-1-80028-033-5 (e-book) (624 p.).

Co-author of a book in French, Instabilités hydrodynamiques et Turbulence, by M. Abid, F. Anselmet and C. Kharif, published by Cépaduès Editions in 2017, ISBN 978-2-36493-607-2 (print)  (170 p.).

Co-author a book in English, Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and Vibrations, by F. Anselmet and P.-O. Mattei, published by WILEY-ISTE in 2016, ISBN 978-1-84821-861-1 (print) / ISBN 978-1-11917-840-8 (e-book)  (528 p.).

Co-author of a book in French, Acoustique, Aéroacoustique et Vibrations, by F. Anselmet and P.-O. Mattei, published by ISTE Editions in 2015, ISBN 978-1-78405-099-3 (print) / ISBN 978-1-78406-099-2 (e-book)  (514 p.).

Co-author of a book in French, Modélisation des écoulements multiphasiques turbulents hors d'équilibre, by R. Borghi and F. Anselmet, published by Hermès-Lavoisier in 2014, ISBN 978-2-74624-537-2 (print) / ISBN 978-2-74629-537-7 (e-book) (550 p.).

Co-author of a book in English, Turbulent multiphase flows with heat and mass transfer, by R. Borghi and F. Anselmet, published by WILEY-ISTE in 2013, ISBN 978-1-84821-617-4 (print) / ISBN 978-1-11879-019-9 (e-book) (480 p.).

Co-author of a book in English, Variable Density Fluid Turbulence, by P. Chassaing, R.A. Antonia, F. Anselmet, L. Joly and S. Sarkar, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in 2002 and reedited by Springer-Science in 2010, ISBN 978-1-40200-671-5 (print) / ISBN 978-9-40170-075-7 (e-book)  (396 p.).

Co-author of a review article (about 80 pages - format A4), La Turbulence, by M. Coantic, F. Anselmet and G. Tavera, which is included in the DVD-rom (from 2005) and the web editions of Encyclopaedia Universalis :    http://www.universalis.fr/encyclopedie/turbulence/.

Member of the scientific committee of IRFEDD (Institut Régional de Formation à l'Environnement et au Développement Durable) and co-author of a booklet on Digital and sustainable development (in French, issued in November 2017).

Complete list of my 96 peer-reviewed publications :
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                             on ORCID      here

Author of a conference (in French) on glaciology (and also the circumpolar current) studies in Antarctica in relation to climate evolutions :   various documents (including the presentation and videos in French) can be downloaded from      here
To get involved in this great scientific adventure, apply to the Institut Polaire Français-Paul-Emile-Victor
Very detailed information (in French) on Antarctic and Arctic is also available from the web site of the Institut Polaire Français-Paul-Emile-Victor

Chairman (2000-2003) of the CNRS Groupement de Recherche (G.D.R.) on

Structure et statistique de la turbulence : expérimentation et simulation

Chairman of the  ERCOFTACSIG#24 Variable density turbulent flows :

            An international summerschool has been organized in the Barcelona area on September 1-5, 2003

     The booklet of abstracts can be downloaded here    ....  and  ......   the files corresponding to the presentations here.

I was invited to present a talk at the Symposium in honor of John L Lumley on his 70th Birthday (June 24 and 25, 2001). Reviewed papers from this Symposium have been published by Physics of Fluids.

I was also invited to present a talk at the Symposium in honor of Robert A. Antonia on his 60th Birthday (July 18 and 19, 2003). Reviewed papers from this Symposium have been published by Flow, Turbulence and Combustion.  Also at that for his 70th birthday (3-5 July 2013).

DRIVE (in French) : a research program aimed at providing quantitative experimental data for automotive applications to strengthen the risk assessments. The work program of DRIVE covers all aspects of the accidental chain : hydrogen releases, formation of an explosive atmosphere (ATEX), ignition of the ATEX, flame propagation and its consequences. State-of-the-art risk assessment and mitigation techniques are also considered.


See the full-scale poster
Observer, Analyser, Modéliser, dans les milieux fluides complexes,
(in French)

a symposium organized in honor of Roland Borghi on his 60th birthday,

January, 31 and February, 1, 2005

on the Technopôle de Château-Gombert, Marseille,

by Ecole Généraliste d'Ingénieurs de Marseille

HERODE : a new flume facility for studying sediment "mechanical properties" (in French)

BIOFLOW : the European Flume Facility Co-operation Network for Biological Benthic Boundary Layer Research (in English)

Correspondent for the domain of (Fluid) Mechanics ( - Energetics) for the association
which published a report on 

'Technology in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur'

[Turbulence and Astrophysics

 quelques sites web pour vous faire rêver]

 [Turbulence et Astrophysique


   a few web sites for your pleasure]

Born in 1959 (Grenoble) ; Engineer in 1981 (E.N.S.H., Grenoble) ;

Ph D in 1983 (I.M.G., Grenoble, with E.J. Hopfinger and Y. Gagne) ;

Post-doc in 1984 (University of Newcastle, Australia, with R.A. Antonia) ;

Chargé de Recherche au  CNRS  from 1985 to 1998   (I.R.P.H.E. - formerly I.M.S.T., Marseille, with L. Fulachier) ;

Through the    ERCOFTACSIG#24 Variable density turbulent flows ,

I have been in charge of organizing (13-14 December 1999) at IRPHE

         the 1999 workshop of the CNRS Groupement De Recherche (G.D.R.) on Turbulence
We have been involved in a scientific exhibition on 

La Glisse, in collaboration with ONERA and PSA Peugeot Citroen, 

organized at Exploradome in Paris :

(the full-scale 29.7cmx21cm poster is available here)

A tribute (in French)    to   Régine CAVAGNOUD
who died at Innsbruck University Hospital 
Wednesday Oct. 31, 2001.  She had been brought to the hospital 
two days before, after she had collided with a ski coach during training. 


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