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22-23 June 2000

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  • P. Chassaing*§ (Chairman), L. Joly§
  • M. Amielh, F. Anselmet (Co-chairman)
  • L. Pietri
  • and

    The    ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group #24      and     France South Pilot Centre


    Laboratoire Arago

    Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-mer

    (35 kms south of Perpignan)


    (which runs an aquarium open to the public)



    IMFT - Avenue du Professeur Camille Soula, 31400 Toulouse - FRANCE

    Phone : (33) ; Fax : (33) ; E-mail :


    IRPHE - 49, Rue F. Joliot-Curie - B.P. 146 - 13384 Marseille Cedex 13 - FRANCE

    Phone : (33) ; Fax : (33) ; E-mail :

    Objectives of the conference

                 This conference will focus specifically on the structure of turbulent flows in which density is strongly varying. It follows meetings recently organized on the same topics (Euromech 237, Marseille, 1988 ; Orléans, 1992 ; Grenoble, 1994 ; IUTAM Symposium, Marseille, 1996).

                 Density variations mainly concerned here may result from heat or mass transfer or from chemical reactions. These turbulent flows are of fundamental interest because the conservation equations for thermodynamics, mass and momentum are linked together. The understanding of these flows is an important problem in its own right but it is also the key to an improved physical understanding of combusting flows where the coupling between chemical reactions and aerodynamics occurs through local density fluctuations due to chemical heat release and composition changes. These density variations occur in many practical situations such as in the aerospace industry, in pollution and environmental problems, in engine combustion chambers, and so on. One of the aims of this Symposium is to stimulate collaboration between experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches to the problem. Another goal is to bring together researchers specialized in turbulence and those involved in combustion.

    Invited lectures

    Main themes of the conference

  • Experiments and numerical methods, including DNS and LES, allowing a better understanding of the basic phenomena ;
  • Theoretical and numerical studies allowing the development of well suited modelling, including specific investigations into the various averaging procedures ;
  • Theoretical and numerical studies of the zero Mach-number limit of turbulent reacting flows (topics such as the kinetics of reactions are excluded) ;
  • New experimental methods for the measurement of fluctuating scalars with emphasis on scalar dissipation, fluxes and higher order correlations ;
  • A specific session may also focus on the possibility of developing similar strategies for investigating low speed variable density flows and supersonic flows.




    The proceedings associated with the papers selected for presentation at the conference are published by Presses Universitaires de Perpignan (ISBN 2-908912-86-4, 254 p.)

    Copies can be ordered from    F. Anselmet, P. Chassaing  or L. Pietri

    or directly from                        Presses Universitaires de Perpignan

    The Table of Contents can be downloaded       here (Acrobat .pdf file in English)

    Dates to remember

    Other information

    The first announcement is still available :

    You can download it here  (Acrobat   .pdf    file in English)

    Detailed information (preliminary program, lodging, catering, ...)
    is available  here (Acrobat .pdf file)


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