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I am an Assistant Professor at Aix-Marseille Université, and my research activity is carried out at the IRPHE Institute in Marseille. My research mainly deals with theoretical and numerical problems involving free surface flows. Usually, my approach consists in simplifying the equations in order to solve them with light fluid dynamics codes, like boundary integral methods, and confront theoretical models to the numerics. Recently, I have been also interested in the stability of numerical methods and I wrote a paper on this subject with Jens Eggers. If you want more details about my recent research activity, please follow the Research link on top of this page. As an Assistant Professor, I spend nearly half of the year teaching various courses. At the moment, my lectures include Fluid Mechanics for the third (L3) and fourth (M1) year at the university, and Statistical Mechanics for the fourth year.

New paper : Tree crowns grow into self-similar shapes controlled by gravity and light sensing (with C. Eloy, E. Badel and B. Moulia)


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