Scope of the conference

Zeldo The Young

The conference is organized to honour Paul Clavin on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The event will bring together a number of Paul's friends, collaborators and renowned scientists with whom he has interacted during his career, as well as others across disciplines and generations sharing an inclination for good science in a relaxed atmosphere.


Combustion, Out-of-Equilibrium Phenomena, Statistical Physics...

General Information

The conference will be held at IRPHE in Marseille, France. Presentations are by invitation only. Attendance will be subject to fees, and interested persons should contact the organizers as soon as possible due to restricted space.

List of invited speakers

C. Allègre (FR), A. Arnéodo (FR), B. Audoly (FR), H. Berestycki (FR), R. Borghi (FR), S. Candel (FR), M. Champion (FR), Y. Couder (FR), P. Coullet (FR), J. Eggers (GB), P. Garcia (ES), G. Iooss (FR), C. Josserand (FR), G. Joulin (FR), A.K. Kapila (USA), R. Lefever (BE), A. Linan (ES), L. Masse (FR), M. Matalon (USA), M. Paiva (BE), N. Peters (DE), J. Piasecki (PL), Y. Pomeau (FR), J. Prost (FR), A. Pumir (FR), J.M. Roquejoffre (FR), A.L. Sanchez (ES), J. Sanz (ES), E.D. Siggia (USA), G. Sivashinsky (IL), J. W. Turner (BE), M.G. Velarde (ES), J. Veretnikov-Paiva (BE), L. Vervisch (FR), J. Wallenborn (BE), F. Williams (USA)


Scientific committee: L. Duchemin, P. Le Gal, T. Leweke, A. Pocheau, G. Searby, N. Vandenberghe, E. Villermaux

Organization committee: L. Bazzali, L. Duchemin, U. Ehrenstein, M. Provansal, J. Quinard, M. Zeller


L. Duchemin, phone: +33 4 1355 2018, (email preferred)


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