Conference program

The final program is now available.

Invited speakers

  • Atef Asnacios (MSC, Université Paris Diderot, France)

    Cell body contact-angle dictates the onset of traction force generation and growth of adhesion complexes

  • Tomas Bohr (DTU, Denmark)

    The fluid dynamics of vascular transport in plants

  • Eric Dufresne (Yale University, USA)

    Surface tension and the mechanics of soft solids

  • Jean-François Joanny (Institut Curie, France)

    Hydrodynamics and growth of tissues

  • Heidi Nepf (MIT, USA)

    Flexible plants in flow and implications for flux and drag at the blade and canopy scale

  • Dominic Vella (University of Oxford, UK)

    Elastocapillary dynamics: Pattern forming and the role of evaporation



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