Articles on the Sivashinsky equation

This equation is also called Michelson-Sivashinsky equation

- derivation of the Sivashinsky equation at the second order by Sivashinsky and Clavin pdf

- The classical paper of Thual Frisch and Hénon on pole decomposition of the Sivashinsky equation pdf
Michel Hénon recently died in Nice on April 7 2013: french wikipedia page of Michel Hénon

- The two papers by Vaynblat and Matalon on the stability of pole solutions jstor link   jstor link2

- Stationary solutions and Neumann boundary conditions in the Sivashinsky equation
Bruno Denet Physical Review E 74 (2006) 036303

- Sivashinsky equation in a rectangular domain
Bruno Denet Physical Review E 75 (2007) 046310

- The Sivashinsky equation for corrugated flames in the large-wrinkle limit
Guy Joulin, Bruno Denet Physical Review E 78 (2008) 016315

- Wrinkled flames and geometrical stretch
Bruno Denet, Guy Joulin Physical Review E 84, 016315 (2011)

- Flame Wrinkles From the Zhdanov-Trubnikov Equation
Guy Joulin, Bruno Denet Physics Letters A 376 (2012), pp. 1797-1802

- Resolvent methods for steady premixed flame shapes governed by the Zhdanov-Trubnikov equation
Gaëtan Borot, Bruno Denet, Guy Joulin J. Stat. Mech. (2012) P10023

- Shapes and speeds of steady forced premixed flames
Guy Joulin, Bruno Denet Phys. Rev E 89, 063001 (2014)

- Premixed flame shapes and polynomials
Bruno Denet, Guy Joulin Physica D, 292-293, 46-50 (2015)

An article on a Sivashinsky equation with gravity (and periodic boundary conditions)
- Intrinsic instabilities of curved premixed flames
Bruno Denet EPL 21, 299 (1993)

articles on the Frankel equation:

original 1990 paper by Frankel, with a one-page derivation of the equation pdf
web page with the papers of Michael Frankel (1949-2009)

Frankel equation for turbulent flames in the presence of a hydrodynamic instability
Bruno Denet Phys Rev E 55(6) (1997) 6911

Potential model of a 2D Bunsen flame
Bruno Denet Physics of Fluids 14(10) (2002) 3577

Non-linear model equation for three-dimensional Bunsen flames
Bruno Denet  Physics of Fluids 16 (2004) 1149

- Low vorticity and small gas expansion in premixed flames
Bruno Denet , Vitaly Bychkov
Combustion Science and Technology 177 (2005) 1543

- Potential-flow models for channelled two-dimensional premixed flames around near-circular obstacles
G. Joulin, B. Denet, H. El-Rabii Phys. Rev. E 81(1), 016314 (2010)

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