Léonetti Marc

Chercheur, CNRS

 General goal of our team :

Our team is interested by the biophysics and soft matter of soft particles and blood rheology. We study the behaviour of soft particles such as red blood cells, vesicles and capsules under flow to gain insight into fundamental phenomena, biological processes and beyond into the rheological of suspensions of soft particles. These particles are drops bounded by a thin membrane with specific mechanical properties : see the following document.

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Applications are in various domains such as biology, medecine, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics. See in the following some examples of studies with an included video.

Pearling instability

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Microcirculation of a vesicle : comparison between theory and experiments

Wrinkles along a capsule moving inside a narrow cappilary - side and front video Experimental video. under construction

Motion of a vesicle inside a narrow capillary Experimental video. under construction

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