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Christophe Eloy

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Welcome to my webpage. I am Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Centrale Marseille, and my research activity is carried out at the IRPHE institute in Marseille.

My research addresses various fundamental problems of fluid and solid mechanics, including

It generally involves a combination of modeling, experiments, and numerical work. Currently, I am mostly interested in biomechanical problems involving fluid-structure interactions.

I am always open to new projects and collaborations, so feel free to contact me.


A post-doctoral position is available to work on the Hydrodynamics of fish schooling. Feel free to apply before April 30, 2105.

The next edition of the ‘Fluid & Elasticity’ conference will take place in June 2015 in Biarritz. There will also be an interesting Workshop/Summer School on ‘Fluid-Structure Interactions and Vortex Dynamics in Aerodynamics’ in Porquerolles in July 2015, and the next edition of Chaos, Compexity, and Transport will be held in Marseille in June 2015. We are looking forward to seeing you at these events.


Collaborators (past and present)

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