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Christophe Eloy

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Welcome to my webpage. I am Assistant Professor (Maître de conférences) of Physics at Aix-Marseille University and my research activity is carried out at the IRPHE institute in Marseille.

My research addresses various fundamental problems of fluid and solid mechanics, including

It generally involves a combination of modeling, experiments, and numerical work. Currently, I am mostly interested in biomechanical problems involving fluid-structure interactions.

I am always open to new projects and collaborations, so feel free to contact me.


We are organizing the next edition of ‘Fluid & Elasticity’ in June 2015 in Biarritz.

With Stéphane Le Dizès, we are proposing a PhD thesis on rotors with flexible blades. If you are interested, please send a resume before April 27.


Collaborators (past and present)